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Discover Madrid!


Walk through the streets of this popular area of Madrid is walking through glamour, sophistication and elegance.
Just 100 meters from our hotel you will find the most important and mayor brands of fashion, decoration and jewelry. This luxurious Retiro-Salamanca neighborhood is also characterized for its beautiful wide streets and important buildings of the 19th century that will not leave you indifferent.


One of the locations with the largest amount of beauty and cultural value in the world is located just a few steps from our hotel VP Jardín de Recoletos.
In a little bit more than one kilometer you will find three of the most important museums in the world: el Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía Museum (You have the chance to buy the Art Walk Ticket for all of them).


With 125 acres and more than 15000 trees, Retiro Park is an oasis of peace in the heart of Madrid and is located less than 100 meters from our hotel VP Jardin de Recoletos.  Your visit is a must, especially some of its most outstanding gardens like the Perennial Garden, the gardens of Cecilio Rodríguez (classical Andalusian inspired gardens) or the Rose Garden.

In addition we like to suggest you a simply sunbath on the lawn, to hire a bike for a ride through the park, to watch performances of comedians, to be painted as a caricature, to buy an ice cream or even rent a boat and paddle with your partner. All of this in less than 3 minutes walk from us.


The charm of old Madrid is located in what the locals call “The Madrid of the Austrians”. This name for the part of Madrid’s downtown district has an historical background: it is in this area where the Habsburg dynasty created historical buildings of a village which they chose as the capital of Spain. These buildings are from the Spanish imperial era when the Habsburgs reigned an empire from beyond the Netherlands to America.
This quarter is located starting at Puerta del Sol, passing by Mayor and Arenal Streets, until La Latina and la Plaza de Oriente. The best way to start the tour is to walk the few meters between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. You can reach the heart of Madrid of the Austrians taking a ten minutes walk from our hotel.


The bullfighting world is a universe in itself comprising a set of traditions of great interest for tourists. The highest expression of art to deal with bulls are the bullfights and toreros of our emblematic bullring Las Ventas.
But this world is also associated with many unique aspects such as farms and bull breeding, costumes, expressions, festivities, bullfight posters or gastronomy. In our restaurant Jardín de Recoletos you can enjoy a delicious taurine cuisine, tasting our spectacular Oxtail Stew. 


This wonderful museum, less than 100 meters from our hotel, offers to the citizens a rigorous, engaging, interesting and critical interpretation of the meaning of objects that belonged to different cultures on the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean area, from Antiquity until recent eras. You can check the current exhibitions on the following link:

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